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Annual PBC Meeting

Monday, January 23rd 2023

Time & Location TBD

Public Building Commission Members

Each County Commissioner shall appoint one member, making a total of 5 Members who shall serve at the pleasure of and only during the term of the person that appoints such Member.


Current Members:


District 1: Douglas Alt

District 2: Andrew Manley, Secretary

District 3: Rita Deister, President

District 4: Calvin Kelsey, Vice-President

District 5: Pam Smith





Saline County Commissioners created a Public Building Commission (PBC) pursuant to Resolution 20-2036 and Resolution 20-2307 in order to provide an additional and alternative method for financing certain public buildings and facilites of governmental entities. The PBC was created for the purpose of issuing revenue bonds for the purpose of financing all or a portion of the costs of acquiring, constructing, remodeling and equipping improvements to certain public buildings to be leased to Saline County, Kansas to equp a radio communication network in the County. The PBC has the power and authority under the Act to issue revenue bonds to provide funds for the purpose of paying all or a portion of the costs of financing the Project and the County deems it advisable to request that the PBC provide for the financing of the County's share of the costs of the Project. 

The Powers and Duties of the PBC include:

-Acquiring or purchasing real estate, buildings, or other facilities
-Enter into leases to lease such land and facilities to local organizations
-Acquire fee simple title to real estate
-Borrow money and issue revenue bonds for the purpose of paying costs
-Adopt a seal
-Convey title to governmental entities for which the PBC has held title
-Pledge the interest in Land and Facililtes acquired by the PBC to the payment of Bonds



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