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Upcoming Meetings & Agendas

Appointed Members

Monte Shadwick - County Commissioner

Jack Sheahon - Committee Member, Defense Attorney

Debora Cox - Committee Member, Mental Health

Cheryl Calhoun - Committee Member, Substance Abuse

Julie McKenna - Committee Member, Interested Citizen


The purpose of the Committee is to advise and assist the Saline County Commissioners' efforts to provide appropriate and cost effective interventions to prevent criminal behaviors as well as providing appropriate sanctions that effectively correct criminal behaviors while preserving bed space in the Saline County Jail, and report to the Saline County Board of County Commissioners on a periodic basis.  All actions taken or addressed by this committee are advisory in nature and subject to the final approval of the Saline County BOCC.  


The responsibilities of the Saline County Committee for Reducing Criminal Behavior shall include:

1.  Assist BOCC in assessing strengths and gaps in the offender accountability and rehabilitation system and help develop strategies to meet identified needs.

2.  Review alternative programs or practices that may decrease jail population and keep the community safe.

3.  Advocate support for the development and implementation of effective mental health programs and substance treatment services for the offender population.

4.  Develop recommendations relevant to existing and proposed legislation.

5.  Be aware and familiar with the various funding sources which support programs and services for offender accountability and rehabilitation.

6.  Research and recommend methods in similar communities where recidivism and inmate numbers as a percent of population are lower.

7.  Identify and recommend ways to encourage current programs that support the above objectives.

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