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Building Authority Superintendent

Todd Miller
Saline County City Building Authority
Phone: 785-309-5805



Member at Large Interest to Serve Form


Please return form to:

Saline County - City Building Authority

300 W Ash Room 217

Salina, Ks 67401


Current Board members:


Michael J. White, Saline County Commissioner

Monte Shadwick, Saline County Commissioner

Rodger Sparks, Saline County Commissioner 

Karl Ryan, City of Salina Commissioner

Bill Longbine, City of Salina Commissioner 

Todd Heitschmidt, District Court Representative (Chairman)

Gerald Simpson, Member-At-Large 


Facility Master Plan Documents:

Phase 1

Phase 2 - Section E only


Saline County - City Building




Saline County - City Building Authority Structure

The management and administration of the Building Authority shall continue to be vested in a board of directors. The Board of Directors shall be restructured to include the following seven (7) members:

Three (3) County Commissioners; Two (2) City Commissioners; One (1) Member of the court staff appointed by the Chief Judge of the 28th Judicial District; and One (1) citizen of Saline County to be chosen by a majority of the six (6) members of the board. If the six (6) members of the Board of Directors set out above are unable to choose this seventh member by a majority vote at the annual organizational meeting, this seventh (7th) member shall also be appointed by the Chief Judge of the 28th Judicial District.


 Saline County - City Building Authority

The Saline County-City Building Authority was established with the respective shares of operation, maintenance, and administration cost of the building operations to be borne by Saline County and the City of Salina as determined by the Building Authority on the basis of actual use of space or square footage by each entity. Current break down is 60% responsibility to the County and 40% to the City. Employees of the Building Authority include the Building Superintendent, Groundskeeper Lead, Building Maintenance Lead and 6  custodial staff.

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