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Barn 1 - Metal Building

120' x 200' 24,000 sq ft

148 stalls

3 - 220 plug ins


Barn 2

16,000 sq ft

Bathrooms w/showers

Dairy stand



Barn 3

20 - 10 x 10 stalls


Barn 5

16 - 10 x 10 stalls


Barn 6

40 - 10 x 10 stalls

Sample contract

Insurance information













To rent any of our buildings:

Need to present declaration page or certificate of insurance with the following requirements:


Renter shall procure and maintain policies of insurance issued by companies authorized to do business in the State of Kansas as follows:

a.  Minimum policy limits of $500,000 for injuries, including death sustained  by one person.

b.  Minimum of $500,000 for injuries, including death, to two or more persons.

c. Minimum of $100,000 for property damage; the term of such coverage to coincide  with the dates of this agreement including move-in and move-out.


Before entering into possession under the terms and provisions of the rental agreement, the Renter shall provide current certificates of insurance designating Saline County and its officers, agents and employees as insureds under the aforesaid policies for the term of this rental agreement.  In addition, if alcohol is allowed as part of Renter’s event, the Renter shall provide written verification from Renter’s insurance carrier that said carrier acknowledges that alcohol will be allowed as part of the event and that Renter’s insurance will cover any and all claims arising out of or related to the utilization of the premises by Renter.

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