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Real Estate Transactions in Saline and Ellsworth Counties. Recommended in Ottawa County.

Property Resale or Refinance. No person shall sell or refinance any property which utilizes an on-site wastewater system without first having the Administrative Agency inspect and approve the on-site system. All failed systems must be brought into county code compliance. In some cases, a failed system may require a site and soil evaluation. The inspection shall consist of, but is not limited to, the following:  (1) The tank shall be pumped;  (2). The tank shall be checked for proper size, cracks and presence of correct inlet and outlet baffles; (3) Properly sized and installed absorption field; (4) Evidence of effluent discharge promoting or contributing to an environmental health risk or hazard; and (5) Wastewater stabilization pond (lagoon) will be checked for proper maintenance, fence, gate, lock and any requirement set forth in the county code.






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