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Questions can be directed to:

Phillip Smith-Hanes
County Administrator

300 West Ash Street, Room 217
PO Box 5040
Salina, Kansas 67402-5040

Phone: (785) 309-5810
Fax: (785) 309-5811

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Office Hours

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday through Friday

(Excluding Holidays)

Our Team

Phillip, County Administrator

Hannah, Deputy County Administrator

Nancy, Finance Coordinator

Lynda, Office Technician

Who We Are

The County Administrator position was established in 1986 by County resolution to "provide administrative assistance to the board of county commissioners in the performance of its duties and responsibilities." The County Administrator oversees the annual budget preparation process and is responsible for monitoring budgeted expenditures for all departments and keeping the Commission informed of compliance and projections. Other duties can be found in County Code.


The County Administrator's office is part of a department called the "Administrative Resource Center" which provides Human Resources, Information Technology, Geographic Information Systems, Planning & Zoning and Environmental Health services.

What We Do

Budget Documents

2022 Budget In Brief

2022 Adopted Budget

2021 Final Budget Book

2021 Budget in Brief

2020 Budget

2020 Budget Summary

2019 Budget

2019 Budget Summary

2018 Budget

2018 Budget Summary

2017 Budget

2017 Budget Summary

2016 Budget Summary

2015 Budget Summary

Financial Audit Documents

Fiscal Conditions and Trends Report

How do I apply to serve on a Citizen Board?

Saline County Resources

Special Alcohol & Parks and Rec Grants


Special Alcohol Fund
Special Alcohol
Special Parks and Rec Fund
Special Parks and
Rec Fund


Saline County will be accepting applications until 5:00 p.m. November 22, 2021 for the Special Alcohol Fund from agencies whose principal purpose is for alcoholism and drug abuse prevention and education, detoxification, intervention or treatment. And, applications will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. November 22, 2021 for Special Park and Recreation Fund from agencies whose principal purpose is to establish, maintain, and expand park and recreational services and facilities. Applicants must have been in active operation for at least two years. Questions can be addressed to Saline County Administrative Resources, by calling 785 309-5810.

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