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Community Corrections

Annie Grevas


309 S Broadway Blvd

Salina, KS 67401

Phone: 785-826-6590

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28th Judicial District Community Corrections

Community Corrections provides intensive supervision and surveillance for adults and juveniles who would otherwise be incarcerated in State facilities. Funding is from the Kansas Department of Corrections and Juvenile Services. Intensive supervision is the cornerstone of Community Corrections. For our clients, this includes frequent face to face meetings with Intensive Supervision Officers (ISO’s). It also includes random drug testing, surveillance, community service, and regular contacts with other community agencies that provide services such as counseling and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.





To ensure the safety of the community and the well-being of the client by utilizing the most current research and risk management tools to identify abnormal behaviors and assist in the development of life-long behavior changes.



To strengthen our linkages to the Counties; Communities; Courts; Juvenile Services; and the Department of Corrections.                


Enhance the delivery of information between, and communication among, all who provide services to clients.


Not to discriminate between or among clients in the provision of services.


Demonstrate leadership, fairness, equity, and integrity to all we come in contact with.


Operate in the most cost effective manner possible without compromising the goals of this agency.


Be available to the clients, judges, court, attorneys, parents, and all service providers.


Respect the responsibility entrusted to us.  We will not compromise our authority or our integrity, or the integrity of others.


Adhere to all applicable Juvenile Services and Kansas Department of Corrections standards whenever possible.


Encourage and help motivate clients to change faulty belief systems and negative behaviors by creating a respectful partnership with the client that will bring about an atmosphere conducive to such behavior change.


Work toward fully implementing Evidence Based Practices in supervision to assure that we are utilizing treatment strategies which have been proven effective in the field to improve outcomes and reduce recidivism in our work with clients.

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