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Basic Vehicle Instructions

In Kansas tags are renewed by the first letter of your last name or for a business the first letter of the first name of the business.  Renewal forms are sent out by the state prior to the month of renewal as a courtesy.  Tags are renewed as follows:

January Heavy Trucks/Trailers
February A
March B
April C & D
May E, F, & G
June H & I
July J, K, & L
August M, N, & O
September P, Q, & R
October S
November T, V, & W
December U, X, Y, & Z

Heavy trucks with a gross weight over 12,000 lbs and any trailers (except recreational vehicles) renew between January 1 and  February 28.  You must first see the Appraiser's office (room 108) for the following circumstances:
If registering or renewing truck with tag larger than 12,000 lbs.
If registering or renewing a trailer other than recreational vehicle.
If registering or renewing state assessed vehicles.
If registering or renewing motorized bikes.
If seeking exemption for a newly acquired vehicle (non-profit,religious, charitable, etc)
If titling or transferring off road vehicles.
If titling or transferring a moblie home.
If seeking a military exemption.