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   Tax Foreclosures are filed in district court and once all property owners have been notified of the court filing, an auction is scheduled to sell the properties.  The owner may redeem the property from the sale at any point between the filing in the court and the day of the sale.  Properties that are not redeemed are sold by auction.  The buyer or buyer's representative must be present to bid and payment must be made at close of sale.  Owner's or relatives of the owner may not bid on the property as per state statute.

   Properties that do not sell at the auction revert back to the owner.  The District Court handles all proceeds from the tax sale and any excess funds are returned to the owner or turned over to the State of Kansas Unclaimed Property Fund.

    Foreclosures are published in the Salina Journal Newspaper and are listed on this webpage.  When a sale date is set, it will be listed on this webpage.  Pending and previous foreclosures are listed below as pdf documents and can be downloaded and printed.

   If you have any questions, please call the Treasurer's Office at 785-309-5860 or email the Treasurer at

Tax Foreclosure Documents

15 CV 254 Sale Date 11/15/16Download
14 CV 274 sale date 3-8-2016Download
15 CV 355 Sale Date 7/11/2017Download
13 CV 330 Sale date6/9/2015Download
10-CV61 Sale date 7-10-12Download
10CV536 sale date 11-20-12Download
12 CV 367 Sale Date 5-10-2014Download
11 CV 419 Sale Date 5-10-2014Download