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Protesting taxes

There are two opportunities to protest the value of your property.  The first is in the spring when the valuation notices are mailed.  The second is when the tax is paid.  You may use only one of these two processes.  If you have not met with the County Appraiser to protest the value of your property in the sping then you may file a protest at the time of paying taxes.  Protest forms are available from the County Treasurer or online.

Please read and follow the instructions on the form carefully.  NOTE, if the protest form is received by the Treasurer unsigned, the protest is considered invalid and will be returned.  The delay may jeopardize your chances for a hearing. Protest forms must accompany tax payment.  If a mortgage company pays your taxes, the deadline to file a protest is extended to January 31st.

Retain a copy of your completed protest, it will be needed when filing a protest with the State Board of Tax Appeals of the State of Kansas.  This is the next level of tax protest when not satisfied with the results of your protest hearing at the county level.

Once your protest is received, processed and filed; the County Appraiser notifies you of your scheduled informal hearing.  If you are filing a protest on the basis of an illegal tax levy, a completed appendix must be attached to your protest form.  When filing a protest on an illegal tax levy the Treasurer forwards all completed forms to the State Board of Tax Appeals and no informal hearing is held.

If your appeal is successful and your taxes are reduced the Treasurer, upon notification from either the Appraiser or the State Board of Tax Appeals, refunds overpayment of taxes and when applicable interest thereon.

To download the protest form from the State of Kansas website, click on the link listed below.