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Cities of the Third Class:

When a city incorporates, it becomes a city of the third class.  To be eligible for incoprporation, there must be eitherL (1) 300 inhabitants or 300 or more platted lots, each of which is served by water and sewer lines owned by a non0profit corporation and 50 electors sign a petition for incorporation; or (2) the territory has been designated a national landmark by the Congress of the United States. (K.S.A. 15-115, et seq.)

The most prevalent form of city government in Kansas is the mayor-council form which exists in all classes of cities.  It is used by newarly all cities of the third class.  In cities of the first and second classes, the mayor and councilmembers are elected by wards, but in cities of the third class they are elected by the city at-large.

A variation of this form is called the modified-mayor-council form in which a mayor and three councilmembers are elected at-large and four councilmembers are elected by districts.  The mayor is the chief administrative official in mayor-council cities, although some cities have made provisions for an appointed city administrator.