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Proof of Citizenship Notification

To register to vote, or change your registration, print the Voter Registration Application,

complete all information, sign and send it to the Election Office. 

Registration applications may be mailed to:

Saline County Election Office

300 W Ash St, Room 215

PO Box 5040

Salina, KS 67402-5040

Faxed to (785) 309-5826; or scanned and emailed to:

Applications postmarked by the 21st day before an election, are eligible to vote in that election.

Who can register to vote?

  • A United States Citizen
  • A person 18 years of age on or before the next election
  • A resident of Saline County

If convicted of a felony, register only after restoration of

your civil rights.

Why should you re-register?

  • You have moved within Saline County
  • You have changed your Name
  • You want to change your Party Affiliation
  • (Kansas recognized parties are: Democratic, Republican, Libertarian and Not Affiliated)

State law requires that all voters show a valid photo ID. Persons over

the age of 65 may show an expired document.

A voter requesting a ballot by mail must either write his or her driver's

license number on the application or send a copy of a photo ID to get a


 How to register on Online?

You can NOW electronically complete a voter registration form IF you

currently hold a valid Kansas Driver's License.  Go to:

If you do not have a Ks Driver's License, you will need to mail or fax

the paper form to Saline County Election Office. 

A person is not considered registered to vote until the Clerk's Office has entered them in the computer system. Once we receive your voter registration application, we will then mail you a certificate of registration stating your polling place and voter information.  We must have your original signature on our records.  It is important to print off the application, sign and mail or fax to our office.  If you have not received a certificate of registration within 2 weeks of registering to vote, please give the Saline County Election Office a call to verify that we received your voter registration application.


Where to register in person?

·        Saline County Clerk's Office

·        Kansas Driver's License Offices

·        Public Libraries

·        City Clerk's Office

·        Saline County Health Department

·        Other County Outposts