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2013 New Registrant Voter Citizenship Verification
This provision does not go into effect until January 1st, 2013. Each person who is registering to vote in Kansas for the first time will be required to provide proof of citizenship.
The following documents may be used as proof of U.S. Citizenship (not an inclusive list):
·         Birth Certificate
·         U.S. Passport
·         U.S. Naturalization documents
·         U.S. military records of service showing the applicants place of birth
·         Bureau of Indian Affairs card number
·         Certificate of citizenship by immigration services
·         Final adoption decree showing the applicant's name and birth place
·         Driver's license or nondriver's identification card issued by Kansas or another state, if it has a notation indicating that the person has provided satisfactory proof of U.S. Citizenship.
***If your last name does not match the name on the document you are providing us for proof of citizenship, a second form of ID will be required verifying your birthdate and current name.