You are here: District Court

28th Judicial District


(Serving Ottawa and Saline Counties)


Clerk of District Court
300 W Ash Room 307
Salina, KS 67402
Office hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.




All Court Staff are committed to excellence in providing direct service to all people in our district. We will carry out our duties and tasks in a timely professional manner; consistent with the highest degree of accuracy. We will respect the inalienable rights of all persons, uphold the law with dignity, and improve our performance standards by continuously seeking knowledge, and job improvement. We will always strive to serve our fellow workers, related agencies, and community with humility.


Important numbers:
Traffic - Criminal: 785-309-5830 / 785-309-5831
Domestic - Civil: 785-309-5835 / 785-309-5836
Probate - Small Claims - Limited: 785-309-5834 / 785-309-5832