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Saline County is wrapping up the process of updating its floodplain maps.  The new maps will become effective April 18, 2018.  At that time homes that are no longer in the floodplain will no longer be required to hold insurance.  Homes that are added to the floodplain may receive a letter from their mortgage lender requiring flood insurance.  If you are unsure if your house may be added, removed, or have any other questions about flood risk in Saline County please call David Neal at (785) 309-5813 or click on the draft map link below.

Draft floodplain map.

Saline County began participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) on May 5, 1975.  The NFIP provides flood insurance at reasonable costs to homeowners and businesses in participating governmental jurisdictions.  As part of the program , Saline County adopted and enforces development standards within the 100-year floodplain.  Most structures built or substantially improved within the floodplain are required to be flood proofed either by elevating the building or designing the building to resist flood damage.  The ultimate goals of the program are to:

  • Make flood insurance available to the residents of Saline County
  • Avoid loss of property and life due to flooding
  • Retain open spaces and cropland
  • Mitigate the releasing of pollutants into our watercourses
  • Allow the natural storm water detention function of the floodplain to be intact

Because flooding is a sensitive issue affecting the safety of you, your neighbors, and rescue efforts a permit is required for any building or the addition of fill dirt.  Please contact the Planning Office to let us help you through the process and provide options for the safest and most cost effective plan before you start any work in a floodplain.

Floodplain Maps

The official floodplain maps are located in the Planning Office and  also available online through the FEMA Map Service Center.

Saline County GIS Interactive Floodplain Map.  Best viewed with Firefox or Chrome

Removing Your Property from the Floodplain

If you believe your property is naturally above the floodplain you may hire a surveyor to complete a Letter Of Map Amendment (LOMA) and file it with FEMA.  Saline County will help where possible, but the final approval must be made by FEMA.

If you want to add or have added fill to raise your property above the floodplain you may hire a surveyor to complete a Letter Of Map Revision (LOMR) and file it with FEMA.  Saline County must sign to indicate the property is reasonably safe from flooding.  All permits and appropriate floodplain protections must be completed for Saline County to sign.

State Fill Permits

The State of Kansas requires fill permits for anything over one foot on average.  Please contact the State Division of Water Resources for more information on these permits at this link.

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