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The Saline County Attorney’s Office provides the service of involuntary court commitments for mental illness.


The procedure is as follows:


  • The patient must obtain a mental health evaluation by a qualified person to determine if the patient meets the criteria for involuntary commitment.
  • Central Kansas Mental Health Center shall conduct a screening. Their office location is 809 Elmhurst. You may call them at 823-6322 to make an appointment.
  • Once the evaluation and screening is completed and the evaluator believes the patient meets the criteria for involuntary commitment you must contact the Saline County Attorney’s Office. A petition for involuntary commitment will be prepared and you will be required to sign the petition and appear in court to testify.
  • A hearing will be held at Saline County District Court. The Judge will then make the determination if criteria have been met. If so, the patient will be directly transported by Saline County Sheriff to Larned State Hospital, Larned, Kansas.
  • Commitments to private facilities must be arranged by the patient or the patient's family. The private facility must also consent.
  • The patient will remain at Larned State Hospital for up to 14 days for evaluation. During the 2 weeks the hospital staff will determine if further treatment is required and make recommendations. A hearing is held within the 14 days to determine if continued inpatient treatment is necessary or if the patient can be released on an outpatient basis. The hospital staff may directly release the patient without any further court orders if they feel hospitalization is no longer necessary.


If you have any questions regarding involuntary commitments, please contact Becky Blazek at (785)309-5815.

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