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Drug Crime Information 

The Saline County Attorney’s Office believes in taking a tough, aggressive, intelligent stance on the interdiction of drug cases and their prosecution.  In terms of investigations, the County Attorney’s Office works very closely with all law enforcement agencies, including the DEA, FBI and ATF.  Primary contact is generally with local law enforcement, but centers on working the I-135/I-70 Drug Task Force.

The Saline County Attorney’s Office aids law enforcement in the careful execution of investigation through being eligible for consultation on investigations 24 hours a day, each day of the year including all holidays.

Drugs are one of the most pervasive and systemic problems in society.  Generally drug addiction, use and abuse are responsible for contribution to other crimes such as thefts, forgeries, robberies, burglaries and even homicides. 

While assisting in aggressive investigation and prosecution of drug crimes, the overall crime level should decrease.  Incarceration for serious drug crimes is generally appropriate.  However, the County Attorney’s Office believes in attempting to reform individuals through opportunities at drug and alcohol treatment to assist in the prevention of an offender reoffending.  This has also been the trend of state law, through the requirement of mandatory drug treatment programs and incarceration for failure to comply.

By reforming the addict, many other problems related to crime will decrease.  However, an individual’s failure to take responsibility for themselves is never received well by the prosecutor or the Courts.
Ridding drugs from this jurisdiction should not only be an effort by law enforcement agencies.  We rely on the citizens to help us identify problems as they arise.  If you note any of the following:

  • Unusually high amounts of short term traffic in and out of a home.  (Note:  Dealers of illegal narcotics don’t always live in depressed neighborhoods.  Dealers have been apprehended in hotels/motels and in middle and upper income housing.);
  • Strong chemical odors emitting from a home, garage or motel/hotel room; 
  • In rural areas, watch for vehicles stopped for unusual periods of time in areas where they typically are not seen. 

(Manufacturers of methamphetamine will travel into remote rural areas at times to “cook” their meth.  They may often leave behind chemically hazardous waste products that are deadly or toxic if inhaled, explosive, flammable or caustic to the touch.);
Contact CrimeStoppers at (785) 825-8477 (TIPS), the Salina Police Department or I-135/I-70 Drug Task Force at (785) 826-7210, the Saline County Sheriff’s Department at:  (785) 826-6500, or call 911.

The County Attorney’s Office is proud to stand on the front line of the war on drugs.  However, it is a community effort.  Help us help you.  Call law enforcement if you suspect a problem, and know when someone is apprehended, the County Attorney’s Office will persue prosecution.