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Supervision of Juveniles

Community Corrections offers Juvenile Intensive Supervision Programming (JISP). This program provides the sentencing judge with an alternative to a state juvenile correctional facility. The youth is allowed to remain in the community with their family. The youth will be intensively supervised and must adhere to strict program rules and guidelines. This program provides the youth with the opportunity to make a positive change while also holding them responsible for their behavior.

Each youth sentenced to ISP with Community Corrections is assigned an Intensive Supervision Officer (ISO). The ISO will work closely with the juvenile and anyone involved with the juvenile such as family, friends, school and employers.

Every youth in the program is given a curfew and required to submit to random drug and alcohol screening. The youth are also monitored by a surveillance officer. The surveillance officer aids the ISO by visiting the juvenile at home, checking that the juvenile is not in violation of his curfew, and administering drug and alcohol screens in the home.

Juvenile Services Custody
Case Management services are provided to all youths in the custody of KDOC's Division of Juvenile Services.

The youth can be placed in Juvenile Services custody for an out-of-home placement or if they are a direct commit to a Juvenile Correctional Facility.

When placed into Juvenile Services custody the case manager assesses the needs of the youth and develops a case plan with supervision goals. All parties involved with the youth attend the case plan, such as family, school counselors, attorneys, foster parents, or social workers.

Case managers are responsible for placing the youth into an appropriate home depending on the need of the youth.

Case managers also collaborate with other community agencies to best serve the youth. Some agencies included are mental health centers, drug and alcohol treatment facilities, and community outreach programs. These community agencies help the case manager by helping hold the youth accountable for their behavior, ensuring public safety and addressing skills the youth needs to reintegrate successfully back into the community.

The Community Intervention Program (CIP) is for juveniles awaiting disposition in the 28th Judicial District. Referrals are taken from the District Judge and County Attorney's office. Once referred to the program the juvenile is assigned a case manager. The case manager monitors the juvenile's behavior and supervises all services that have been ordered by the judge.