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In fulfilling its legislative responsibilities, the Board of Commissioners considers resolutions which are the equivalent to United States senate bills, state statutes or city ordinances. A resolution may originate at the request of a commissioner or other elected official, the county administrator or a department director. Resolutions are reviewed by the County Counselor.

Before taking official action on a proposed resolution, it if first discussed through a request for action. Any citizen may appear before the Board to speak in favor or opposition to the resolution. Following the discussion, by a majority decision of the Board, the resolution may be adopted, denied or returned for further research.

When a resolution comes before the Board for formal action, the public has a chance to speak in favor or opposition to the resolution. The Board then votes. The resolution becomes effective with passage or upon publication, if required by statute.

There are three (3) types of resolutions:

A Charter Resolution is used to exempt the county from the whole or any part of state law which does not apply to all counties uniformly. A charter resolution requires a unanimous vote and is subject to a protest petition. If such a petition is filed, the matter must go to a vote of the people.

An Ordinary Resolution must relate to county 
business and be on a subject relating to local 
legislation and administration. Local legislation 
cannot conflict with state law. Adoption of an 
ordinary resolution requires a majority vote. 
Resolutions become effective on passage or 
upon publication, if required by state statute.

An Administrative Resolution administers care of county property and management of county business such as appointment of county officers and employees, implementing 911 emergency telephone service and the levy of tax to pay for it, adoption of personnel policies and procedures. Administrative resolutions require a majority vote but do not require publication to be passed.