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County Appraiser - Service Description

1. Real Estate
a.Inspect and collect all required objective and subjective data on all new construction.
b.Re-measure and re-verify all objective and subjective data for 17% of all existing parcels.
c.Collect and verify data for determining validity of all real estate transactions.
d.Collect and verify income and expense data relevant to income producing properties.
e.Perform analysis of all available data for the purpose of determining market value for all vacant land, improved residential, improved commercial, agricultural, and exempt properties.
f.Generate value estimates for all properties.

2. Personal Property
a.Mail renditions to known owners of personal property.
b.Receive renditions and value all listed property.
c.Perform desk and field audits to ensure compliance with filing requirements.
d.Review reports of new sales tax accounts, boat registra-tions, mobile home registrations, and phone listings for the purpose of discovering new property owners.

General Responsibilities
a.Certify all final values to the County Clerk within statutory time frames.
b.Respond to all information requests from taxpayers.
c.Install and maintain appraisal records as required by statute.
d.Administer informal valuation appeals process.
e.Represent the county at all higher appeal levels.