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The Saline County Jail is a 192 bed facility.  In 2019, the average daily inmate population reached 269 inmates.  Since October of 2011, inmates have been housed in other jails outside of Saline County to combat the over crowding issues.  The total cost of out of county housing and transportation is $6,228,535 as of December 2019.

Common Questions & Answers

How many beds does the current facility have?

The current Saline County Jail has the capacity to hold 192 inmates.  There are 40 beds that remain from the Jail that was constructed in 1962.  In 1992 a 1/2 cent sales tax passed and an additional 152 beds was constructed, totaling 192.

What is the cost for housing inmates outside of Saline County?

As of December 2019, the amount that has been spent on just contract housing and travel is $6,228,535.40.  For the last 5 years, contract housing has required an average of 573 trips a year moving inmates to other counties.  Saline County has current contracts for inmate housing with Graham, Rooks, Mitchell, Washington, Cloud, Ottawa, McPherson, Butler, and Ford counties.  Currently, it cost $35 per day per inmate to house in another county and that price is subject to change should a contracted county determine to increase their cost and require a new contract. 

What has been done to address the overcrowding issue so far?

2011 (Average Daily Population 225) - The National Institute of Corrections (Federal Bureau of Prisons) was contacted to complete a criminal justice system review.

2012 (Average Daily Population 217) - A consultant was hired to complete a needs assessment.

2013 (Average Daily Population 221) - Drug Court was established.

2014 (Average Daily Population 242) - A $46.5 Million Criminal Justice Complex/Jail expansion was put on the ballot for a 1/2 cent increase to the sales tax.  This effort failed.

2015 (Average Daily Population 238 - The Jail Reduction Committee was appointed by the Saline County Board of County Commissioners

2016 (Average Daily Population 258) - Continued efforts of the Jail Reduction Committee, Drug Court, and Inmate Programs

2017 (Average Daily Population 278) - Continued efforts of the Jail Reduction Committee, Drug Court, and Inmate Programs

2018 (Average Daily Population 268) - Consultant hired to complete a needs assessment.  Pre-Trial Services Program was approved.

2019 - Pre-Trail Program was implemented.  Architectual & Engineering Firm, TreanorHL was hired.  Construction Manager at Risk, Turner was hired.

What information did the Needs Assessment determine?

The Inmate Population Analysis that was performed by Voorhis-Robertson Justice Services resulted in answering several questions; Who is in jail?  Why are they in jail?  How long have they been in jail?  and What is the reason for release?  

Recommendations were provided, such as the Pre-Trial program that was implemented in April of 2019.  Two other recommendations were review of the court hearing dockets and decision making reviews on sentencing that have not been implemented.  Regardless, the results of this analysis provided information that the Jail infrastructure needs to be expanded and provided recommendations on what that future capacity should be.  

One scenario projects a need for 417 beds and another, 338 beds.  These projected numbers are based on the assumption that the Pre-Trial program, changes to the docketing and sentencing decision making make a impact on managing the average length of stay. 


What are the options for the future of the Saline County Jail?

Option 1 - Continue contract housing (estimated $1 Million per year).  

Option 2 - Renovate the existing Jail and build a new Booking/Release Center off-site

Option 3 - Renovate the existing Jail and add capacity at the current site

Option 4 - Build a new facility at a different location

There may be additional options that have not yet been discovered; however, there is no "no cost" option.

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